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  • In the U.K., Pollinating IoT for Agriculture

    Through Agri-Tech East, a one-year-old member organization focused on bringing growers and technologists together to improve the agricultural output in the East of England, farmers are starting to tap into the Internet of Things.

  • Waggle: An IoT Platform by Scientists, for Scientists

    Computer scientists at the Argonne National Laboratory are working with a range of stakeholders, from academics to urban planners, to deploy easy-to-use sensor networks for better understanding the built and natural environments in which we live.

  • Leveraging IoT Technology to Make Driving and Cycling Safer and More Efficient

    With solutions emerging everywhere, from automotive titans to scrappy startups, technological approaches to improved safety and efficiency for drivers, cyclists and even motorcyclists are quickly evolving.

  • Technical Machine: IoT Enabler

    What do insects and sensors have in common? Quite a lot at Tiny Farms, which is using sensor boards from Technical Machine to grow its contract cricket-farming enterprise.

  • IOT News Roundup

    ARM, HP each purchase encryption software companies; machine-to-machine standards finalized; Sigfox scores major funding; SecureRF configures its cryptography solution for IoT devices.

  • GTX Integrates BluVision Bluetooth Tech into Memory-Care Safety System

    The company, which already sells a GPS-based solution designed to help caregivers monitor the outdoor locations of patients with Alzheimer's or other cognitive illnesses, is now offering a Bluetooth version for monitoring patient locations inside care facilities.

  • How Bigbelly Evolved from a Waste-Management Firm to an IoT Company

    The fast-growing business hopes to leverage a piece of vital urban infrastructure—the public waste bin—into a tool for deploying smart-city applications.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Open Interconnect Consortium releases IoTivity platform; new sensor platforms for developers, do-it-yourselfers; U.S. Congress launching an IoT Caucus; Google shuttering consumer Google Glass product; shipping Cloud Beacon.

  • ARIBO: Bringing Autonomous Vehicles to Military Bases, Campuses and Even City Streets

    Initiated as a way to develop autonomous vehicles for the battlefield, Applied Robotics for Installations and Base Operations (ARIBO) has evolved to support a range of pilots for users, both within and outside the armed forces, to test autonomous vehicles and a fleet-management platform.

  • Blue Maestro Prepares Release of New Bluetooth-Enabled Sensor Products

    The provider of Tempo wireless environmental sensors is launching a waterproof temperature sensor that acts as a data logger, as well as a BLE-enabled temperature-measuring pacifier, a small mobile sensor and a Wi-Fi-based hub.

  • Ford Steers Toward Smarter, Semi-Autonomous Cars

    Leveraging sensors and cellular networks, the carmaker is experimenting with applications that assist urban drivers and could form a bridge to the age of the autonomous car.

  • Eyeing Environmental Monitoring, Oceasoft Rolls Out Sigfox-compliant Sensors

    The French wireless sensor provider is expanding beyond its core business in the life-sciences sector by enabling long-range, low-power sensors that communicate via Sigfox's protocol and network.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Intel debuts IoT platform; Researchers weave smart fabric for biomedical uses; Gimbal announces new beacon with 18-month battery life; SoftBank licenses GE's Industrial Internet software, Predix; Smart suitcase sparks crowd-funding fervor.

  • Lively, Vodafone Join Forces on Safety System for Elders

    Using Bluetooth-based motion sensors, a wristwatch and a cellular network connection, Lively hopes to help older adults live independently, while assuring family members of their safety.

  • Packed With Sensors, Thingsee One Is Like an IoT Guinea Pig

    A team of former Nokia product developers is turning an asset tracker they developed for logistics applications into a tool for testing IoT applications.

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