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  • IOT News Roundup

    Device Solutions' LoRa system for end-to-end automation; ARM's embed IOT suite; Ericsson-Cisco partnership; Virtual Software Systems' cybersecurity solution; Ingenu's 30-city rollout; Juniper's smart-toy study; Proximus deploying LoRa in Belgium, Luxembourg.

  • Sigfox Launches U.S. Network With San Francisco Pilot

    The low-power, long-range IoT network covers the entire city, but applications that will leverage it have yet to be announced.

  • A New Leaf for Precision Farming

    Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have developed sensor-based technology that helps farmers optimize crop irrigation. A wireless communications company is now licensing the technology as an IoT solution.

  • IOT News Roundup

    Arrow offering customers leg up on IoT deployments; GreenPeak, Dusun co-create smart parking app; upgrades integration tools; Microsemi offering new range of security services; Czech Republic to get Sigfox network.

  • TempuTech Smartens Up Grain Management With GE Platform

    By bringing both of its grain bin management products into a single cloud-based interface, the company has created a simpler, more responsive interface for its customers.

  • Metasensor Sets Sights on Simplifying Asset Tracking

    Using a Bluetooth-based sensor and simple applications, the Silicon Valley startup says it is making tracking devices easy and safe for consumer and commercial applications alike.

  • Industrial Internet Consortium Launches New Industrial Testbed

    Infosys is leading the group's latest testbed project, for which it is creating a repeatable approach to tracking (and improving) asset efficiency in industrial applications.

  • Care Ecosystem: Can the IoT Improve Dementia Patient Treatments?

    A $10 million clinical trial will use smart watches, beacons and other sensors to aid caregivers tasked with helping patients cope with dementia, and to extend the amount of time they can live at home.

  • Density Brings Traffic Counting to New Venues

    Using a simple infrared sensor, the startup is providing real-time traffic counts to small brick-and-mortar merchants—but is finding interest from other sectors as well.

  • Ecovent Takes Unique Approach to Home Heating and Cooling Controls

    The startup, which uses a network of sensors and adjustable vents to control room-level temperature, has just received a large investment from Emerson's Climate Technologies business arm.

  • IOT News Roundup

    Microsoft taps Jasper control center; IBM, CVS Health set to mine health-care data from wearables; IoT survey respondents ask: 'Google who?'; ams acquires NXP's advance CMOS sensor business; Predixion, PLAT.ONE partner on analytics service; RF Code debuts CenterScape data center management platform; Kii launching lighting apps with Yankon.

  • IoT Lights Up Streets With Smart City Initiative

    San Jose, Calif., has installed intelligent lighting from Owlet, using Digi's Smart City sensors and software to manage light levels and track outages.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Google unwraps new beacon format; CentraLite using Kickstarter to crowdfund IoT platform; Vodafone releases 2015 M2M Barometer report; Gemalto, China Telecom partnering on connected car technology.

  • HidroMares Helps Port Managers See the Seas to Better Manage Boat Traffic

    Using networks of sensors and a cloud-based interface, port managers can get real-time data about water conditions to help them guide ships in and out of port safely and efficiently.

  • Consumer Physics Begins Shipping SCiO Pocket Molecular Sensors

    The pocket device is designed to help consumers better understand the products they buy, the foods they eat or the medicines they take.

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