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  • Smart Vest Could Be Key to Improving Athlete Health, Performance

    Hexoskin, Analog Devices and Microsoft are teaming up to bring elite performance tracking to athletic coaches.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Google Ventures leads Helium's funding round; C-Labs announces two new customers; Atlanta-area police departments purchase multi-sensor body cameras; Internet of Elevators at Hannover Messe; Danish city eases traffic woes using BLIP sensors; AT&T, Globecomm, partner to improve asset-tracking coverage.

  • MyDx Is Like a Pocket Sommelier for Cannabis Connoisseurs

    The device analyzes the amount of THC and other chemicals present in a small sample, while a companion smartphone app conveys a profile of the drug and its likely effects on a user.

  • Quantified Ag's Quest to Turn Cattle into IoT Nodes

    Using a sort of fitness tracker for cows, the Nebraska startup says it can help cattle feedlot operators detect illness in their herds sooner than conventional methods.

  • TrackerSense Assigns Eyes and Ears to Parcels

    Offering single-use or reusable trackers, a U.K. startup has attracted several couriers and postal agencies during its first six months.

  • In Two European Cities, the IoT Could Help Unknot Traffic Quagmires

    Sensors can't make congestion disappear, but two cities in Europe think they can help planners improve traffic flow.

  • Building a Better Mouse (or Raccoon, Skunk, You-Name-It) Trap With IoT

    Remote monitoring systems have given pest-control agencies near-real-time visibility into the status of animal traps, reducing fuel and labor costs.

  • Wi-Fi Alliance Introduces HaLow As Long-Range, Low-Power Choice for IoT Networking

    HaLow's long transmission distance and low power requirement could make it an attractive protocol for both commercial and industrial IoT networks, but devices that use the wireless protocol won't be commercially available for a few more years.

  • The IoT Forecast: Five Predictions for 2016

    The Internet of Things became a regular topic in mainstream news during 2015, thanks in part to a series of connected car hacks, but also because industrial and commercial IoT applications generated considerable buzz about the technology's transformative potential. So what do the next 12 months hold in store?

  • German Vineyards Test Solution for Measuring Growing Conditions

    The TracoVino system, which includes MyOmega's sensor hardware and app and Ericsson's cloud platform, provides data that can help winemakers decide when to water, fertilize and harvest their grapes.

  • Beacons Guide and Inform University of Oklahoma Students

    Aruba Networks provided a beacon-based app that helps users navigate their way through the college's library, as well as access information about its collection of Galileo books and related items.

  • IOT News Roundup

    Texas Instruments' dual-interface NFC tag for automotive market; Verizon offers LTE network; Olea announces new sensor device; NXP-Freescale merger gets greenlight; Czech Internet infrastructure company selects Semtech's LoRa; Gimbal and NanoLumens form partnership.

  • Verizon's ThingSpace Helps Winemaker Track Soil Conditions

    Hahn Family Wines is testing the new solution to track the moisture level of its vineyard soil, via wireless sensor probes and gateways to aggregate that sensor data and forward it to a cloud-based server, where that information is managed and analyzed.

  • IOT News Roundup

    HP-Intel IoT partnership; Sierra Wireless' AirLink Raven RV50 M2M gateway; Hirschmann's asset-tracking modules; Bluetooth spec upgrades for 2016; Sigfox comes to Ireland; STMicroelectronics' new secure microcontrollers.

  • Jakarta IOT-enabling 10,000 Streetlights

    With technology from gridComm and LED company Siklon Energy Nusantara, the Indonesian city can remotely view street lamp functionality and adjust the lighting's intensity.

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