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  • How Texas Instruments and IBM Plan to Secure IoT Devices

    Security is one of the biggest threats to the Internet of Things, and it should be designed into IoT devices starting at the beginning of their lifecycles. TI's Avner Goren explains why and how his company and IBM are pursuing a role in that process, by collaborating to build a framework for authenticating IoT devices.

  • New NFC Security Feature Tightens Controls on Tag Data

    The NFC Forum expects that a new standard that certifies data being written to Near Field Communication tags will make more companies interested in integrating NFC technology into products and services.

  • IOT News Roundup

    Cisco drives connected car infrastructure forward; Snowden reveals major SIM security breach; FAA unveils proposed regulations for commercial drone use; Bosch to acquire IoT middleware company ProSyst; Sony opens pre-orders for its smart glasses.

  • Senate Holds IoT Hearing

    The Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation met to discuss how the U.S. Congress can foster the development and proliferation of IoT technologies in a way that neither harms consumer privacy nor stifles innovation.

  • A Closer Look at the FTC's IoT Security Recommendations

    We asked a security expert to evaluate the Federal Trade Commission's security guidance for consumer-facing IoT products.

  • Bags Pack Extra Security Via NFC Tag

    The Alert Mobile Security solution uses RFID and a smartphone app that enables law-enforcement agencies, laboratories and other potential users to verify the chain of custody and authenticity of items sealed inside bags.

  • When the IoT Meets the Bank Vault

    Using middleware developed for IoT applications, Diebold's SecureStat merges many security systems into a single IT dashboard.

  • For Mining, Construction Firms, Flying Robots Keep Projects on Track

    Companies in the extractive industries—including Rio Tinto—and in building construction are using aerial imaging to keep projects running smoothly and safely. We spoke with drone services provider SkyCatch about the top use cases end users are chasing.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Senators want U.S. Senate Commerce Committee to discuss the IoT industry; Enlighted plugs into Philips LED lighting; Survey shows small- to medium-sized businesses are eyeing the IoT.

  • IoT World Forum: Rewards and Roadkill

    Cisco's second annual IoT conference featured some common refrains: deployments are growing fast, end users need better analytics, and security concerns keep everyone up at night.

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