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  • IOT News Roundup

    Cisco drives connected car infrastructure forward; Snowden reveals major SIM security breach; FAA unveils proposed regulations for commercial drone use; Bosch to acquire IoT middleware company ProSyst; Sony opens pre-orders for its smart glasses.

  • National Instruments on Building an Industrial IoT Toolkit

    NI, a provider of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software used in wireless sensor networks, is now helping its customers develop industrial Internet of Things solutions for applications such as factory automation and preventative maintenance.

  • Senate Holds IoT Hearing

    The Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation met to discuss how the U.S. Congress can foster the development and proliferation of IoT technologies in a way that neither harms consumer privacy nor stifles innovation.

  • Blesh's Bluetooth Beacons Take a Sneak Peek at Google's Physical Web

    Blesh is supplying beacons designed to enable smartphones to receive and respond to beacon transmissions without requiring an app.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! 2015 to Feature Two Co-located Events

    The 13th annual conference and exhibition will host a new Internet of Things Conference and IEEE RFID 2015.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Ofcom plans for IoT growth; Pragmatic IC receives funding boost; ON World survey shows growing confidence and interest in industrial IoT; Punch Through Design releases Windows app for developers; new pressure-sensitive safety pads from RF Technologies; Regen Energy, Ayla Networks team up on building energy-management solution.

  • Bags Pack Extra Security Via NFC Tag

    The Alert Mobile Security solution uses RFID and a smartphone app that enables law-enforcement agencies, laboratories and other potential users to verify the chain of custody and authenticity of items sealed inside bags.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Accenture calls industrial IoT a $14.2 trillion opportunity; ams offering light makers an IoT-ready chip; Gimbal in cahoots with Shazam and Koupon Media; Elisa launches IoT service in Finland, Estonia.

  • ARIBO: Bringing Autonomous Vehicles to Military Bases, Campuses and Even City Streets

    Initiated as a way to develop autonomous vehicles for the battlefield, Applied Robotics for Installations and Base Operations (ARIBO) has evolved to support a range of pilots for users, both within and outside the armed forces, to test autonomous vehicles and a fleet-management platform.

  • Consumer Electronics Show News Roundup

    Samsung investing in open IoT; FTC chief says security should not be an afterthought; BlackBerry launching IoT platform; Allseen Alliance releases gateway interface; Nvidia ups horsepower for car computers.

  • Ford Steers Toward Smarter, Semi-Autonomous Cars

    Leveraging sensors and cellular networks, the carmaker is experimenting with applications that assist urban drivers and could form a bridge to the age of the autonomous car.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Cisco ramps up software to analyze torrents of IoT-derived data; Link Labs, Semtech collaborate on long-range radio module; Spansion, Sensoplex fast-tracking wearables development; O3b launches new satellites to bring broadband to developing world.

  • Libraries Check Out Bluetooth Beacons

    Two beacon companies have developed unique solutions to help libraries send data about their programs or other details to patrons who download an app and then pass a library's beacons.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Intel debuts IoT platform; Researchers weave smart fabric for biomedical uses; Gimbal announces new beacon with 18-month battery life; SoftBank licenses GE's Industrial Internet software, Predix; Smart suitcase sparks crowd-funding fervor.

  • Packed With Sensors, Thingsee One Is Like an IoT Guinea Pig

    A team of former Nokia product developers is turning an asset tracker they developed for logistics applications into a tool for testing IoT applications.

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