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  • IoT News Roundup

    Yahoo Japan enables indoor mapping in train stations; HPE announce new IoT products, services; OSIsoft to provide smart grid services in China; FTC offers NTIA comments on IoT.

  • IoT Startup Arable Seeks to Simplify Ag Tech

    The company's solar-powered Pulsepod marries a range of sensors with an advanced rain gauge and cellular connectivity to help famers better understand the health of their crops.

  • Atari Says Key to Forthcoming IoT Products: Keeping It Simple

    Fred Chesnais, the company's CEO, tells IOT Journal how the brand best known for its seminal home video gaming systems is working with LPWAN network provider Sigfox to roll out Internet of Things products.

  • Company Fetches Canine Shoppers With RFID

    The BarkShop Live popup store in New York is featuring UHF RFID tags on toys and readers on vests worn by dogs, letting humans use their smartphones to view which toys their pets like the most.

  • IoT News Roundup

    IBM, Cisco binding together to provide edge computing services; Belgrade growing smart parking capabilities; VMWare enters IoT market; LoRa starter kit available for developers; feds investing more in IoT; new, tiny NFC chip from SAG, ST.

  • 75F Rethinks Heating and Cooling With IoT-based Solution

    The Minnesota-based firm uses room-level sensors and weather data to provide granular controls for HVAC systems in commercial buildings.

  • Disney Research Explores Ways to Add RFID Intelligence to Robots, Toys

    Walt Disney Co.'s lab network, together with scientists from MIT, the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon, has developed systems that the company could use to help robots identify individuals, as well as to track everyday interactions between people and things.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Samsung building LoRa network in South Korea; Intel acquiring computer-vision startup to bolster IoT capabilities; Virginia startup says it is bringing Nest-like controls to water heaters; Hitachi Insight Group merging public and private data sources for smart-city apps.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Google seeks to push Alexa off smart-home throne with Home; Indiegogo, Arrow Electronics partner; the VA starts to eye IoT solutions for medical devices; new car router from Sierra Wireless; Lux Research says VC funding for IoT security on the rise; Autodesk brings it IoT data management to cloud-based service.

  • Otto's Autonomous Semi-Truck Joins Growing Connected Truck Market

    A great deal of ink is spilled on autonomous vehicle technology, but it's not the only innovation that fleet managers might one day use to boost driver safety and throughput.

  • In Aarhus, Cyclists Control Traffic Lights For a Smoother Ride

    The Danish city is testing a system provided by RFID company ID-advice that turns the light green when it detects the presence of a bicycle at the intersection.

  • IoT News Roundup

    ABI Research gives sunny outlook for beacon industry; Electric Imp debuts vertical platform for manufacturing; CNET decides smart home could use some work; ThingWorx 7.0 features new device-management tools.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Security researchers punch holes in SmartThings security; GlobeRanger makes iMotion more IoT-friendly; Microsoft bolsters IoT product line with Solair acquisition; Nokia to support Z-Wave standard for upcoming smart home offerings.

  • IoT News Roundup

    Google Ventures leads Helium's funding round; C-Labs announces two new customers; Atlanta-area police departments purchase multi-sensor body cameras; Internet of Elevators at Hannover Messe; Danish city eases traffic woes using BLIP sensors; AT&T, Globecomm, partner to improve asset-tracking coverage.

  • IoT News Roundup

    IBM, Pfizer to enlist IoT in the fight against Parkinson's; BKON offering Eddystone beacon platform; HID's new digital ID platform; GCell's indoor solar-powered beacon; global consumer survey gauges trust in IoT; ZigBee Alliance gains retail group's endorsement.

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