Expert Views

  • An Interview With Geoffrey Moore

    The expert on the technology adoption life cycle talks with Bob Morris about radio frequency identification and its struggles to achieve mass adoption.

  • The Next Wave of the Internet of Things Starts With RFID

    By Bernd Schoner

    As we head into the third wave of the IoT, in which everything is connected in an open ecosystem, RFID is emerging as a handy tool for tying objects, systems and networks together in a cost-effective manner.

  • Internet of Things: Promise and Peril for the RFID Industry

    By Mark Roberti

    Interest in IoT technologies could bring radio frequency identification much-needed attention, but there are risks for the RFID industry.

  • The Intranet of Things

    By Mark Roberti

    The Internet of Things used by consumers and the ones used by companies will likely be very different.

  • The Internet of Things Journal

    By Mark Roberti

    We're expanding our editorial offering because businesspeople will need a reliable source of information about how to leverage IoT technologies.

  • The IoT Challenge

    By John Shoemaker

    As the Internet of Things takes shape, RFID companies need to offer complete solutions that can quickly and easily adapt to customers' needs and expectations.

  • The Real World of Active RFID Tags

    By John Shoemaker

    Here's how the technology is being used today to solve real problems, and what's in store for the future.

  • It's All Coming Together

    By Mark Roberti

    Cloud computing, RFID, advances in processing power, nanotechnology and other trends will soon coalesce into a multifaceted platform that gives computers the ability to know what in happening in the world—and to respond.

  • Our Future: The Real-Time Status of Things

    By John Shoemaker

    Soon we will be able to know not only every item's location, but also its temperature, motion, vibration, humidity and a host of other variables, opening up a world of opportunities for us all.

  • What Is the Internet of Things?

    By Mark Roberti

    No one seems to agree on a definition, but everyone agrees that linking physical objects to the Internet is an important and ongoing trend.

  • RFID Stakeholders Need to Prepare for the Internet of Things

    By Scot Stelter

    The IoT will pose significant risks and opportunities for many in the RFID industry during the next 24 months.

  • Street Smarts

    By Kevin Ashton

    Cities that don't embrace the Internet of Things will be left behind.

  • The Internet of Things on Wheels

    By Kevin Ashton

    RFID and sensor networks will enable the connected vehicle and passenger.

  • RFID-powered Sensors Can Play a Big Role in the Internet of Things

    By Mikel Choperena

    While energy-harvesting and battery-powered devices can be the right choice for certain applications, passive RFID sensor tags offer a number of advantages.

  • We're Not KDDing

    By Kevin Ashton

    Next up: making sense of all the Internet of Things data.

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