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Opinions posted by the editor.

  • IoT Reporter Finally Feels the Spark of IoT

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    After nearly two years on the Internet of Things beat, I have finally figured out why others get so excited about being able to see the unseeable.

  • Wisdom of the Crowd? A Look Back at Crowdfunded IoT Projects

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    There's no doubt that crowdfunding can be a great tool for IoT startups, but it's no guarantee of success.

  • Can the IoT Change the Very Fiber of Society?

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    A major research and development project aims to change the meaning of "a smart-looking outfit."

  • Fishing for Answers in the Deep Blue Sea

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    The IoT can help us better understand how industrial fishing impacts sharks and other important marine species. But sometimes the technology fails to reel in answers.

  • Building Networks of Equal Opportunities

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Getting more women into the IoT workforce requires a level playing field, not an easier one.

  • Extreme Tech Meets Extreme Athletes in Aspen

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    At the winter X Games, Intel mounted a wireless sensor module to slopestyle and big-air competitors' snowboards in an attempt to quantify awesome. I'm a fan.

  • Could Cheap Oil Derail Ag Tech?

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Internet of Things technologies hold great promise for the agriculture industry, but they're not always an easy sell.

  • Confessions of a CES Newbie

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    This CES greenhorn discovered that what makes the IoT so exciting is not just the sensors and networks. Rather, it's the spark of creativity and new methods of interaction that those devices support.

  • The IoT Forecast: Five Predictions for 2016

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    The Internet of Things became a regular topic in mainstream news during 2015, thanks in part to a series of connected car hacks, but also because industrial and commercial IoT applications generated considerable buzz about the technology's transformative potential. So what do the next 12 months hold in store?

  • Securing the IoT Requires Multiple Lines of Defense

    By Claire Swedberg

    To reduce the risk of a hack, a company needs to look at all the ways data is collected, analyzed and shared, and how devices can be accessed, controlled and managed.

  • Do Workplace Wearables Pose Health Hazards?

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Smart glasses and other devices could be a boon for productivity, but now is the best time to start investigating potential impacts from their long-term use.

  • Sensors Enable Table to Keep Score

    By Mark Roberti

    A new table tennis net with special vibration-detecting nanosensors is able to keep track of players' scores during a match automatically.

  • Retailers: Cashing in on the Shorter Queue

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Waiting in line—during rush hour on the highway, in grocery store queues or at the DMV—ranks right up there with death and taxes. It's inevitable. But retailers are using the IoT to shorten shoppers' wait times while also gaining insights into their interests and needs.

  • Notes from Jasper's Connected-Car Confab

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    In a wide-ranging conversation, executives from AT&T, General Motors, LoJack and ChargePoint discussed the IoT in context of today's and tomorrow's connected-car applications.

  • The Internet of Media and the New Connected Consumer

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    Elle's September issue is one example of how media companies and advertisers are looking to plug into the IoT. But will consumers eventually tune them out?

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