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Is There Any New Technology Called ND IoT?

Posted By IOT Journal, 10.31.2016

If so, what can you tell me about this technology? And which sectors are developing variations of it?

—Name withheld


Thanks for your question. Do you mean NB IoT? If so, that stands for Narrow Band Internet of Things, which is a type of low-power wide-area networking (LPWAN) technology, in which small amounts of data are transmitted over long distances via cellular devices with low power requirements and a long battery life.

There are many parties developing variations of NB IoT. The cellular industry recently ratified a standard called Cat1-NB, which supports data rates of up to 10 kilobits per second using 200 kHz of spectrum, leveraging existing cellular network infrastructure. The specification was developed with an eye toward supporting IoT devices that do not need to send much data, nor often, but that do require a long battery life. 3GPP developed another specification specifically to support IoT applications, but those with slightly greater data-transmission needs. Known as Cat-M1, that spec supports data rates of up to 1 megabyte per second using 1.4 MHz of spectrum.

These will compete for market share against companies that are building LPWAN for the Internet of Things, which operate across non-licensed spectrum using proprietary, non-cellular technology—such as Sigfox, Ingenu's Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) and LoRa (a consortium of companies, the LoRa Alliance, are making products compliant with this specificationk). Sigfox is a networking provider that has developed a protocol for transmitting small packets of data via sub-GHz frequencies, on ISM bands (868 MHz in Europe and 902 MHz in the United States) using ultra-narrowband (UNB) modulation.

—Mary Catherine O'Connor, Editor, IOT Journal

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