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What Companies Are Best Positioned to Grow by Developing the IoT?

Posted By IOT Journal, 08.25.2016

What factors should we take into account when hiring a firm, in terms of both software and hardware?

—Name withheld


There are many factors that contribute to (or erode) a firm's growth potential, so I can't name specific companies. But, in general, I would look for technology firms creating IoT platforms that are agile in terms of their ability to be integrated with a wide range of enterprise software systems from a wide range of providers. Or, for consumer-facing products, platforms that are not married to specific operating systems seem to be the best positioned. On the hardware side, the use of sensors that share data utilizing widely used communication protocols and standards puts a provider in the best position for growth.

For software and hardware companies alike, look for a track record of being proactive on the data-security and data-privacy fronts. A widespread security breach could pummel an IoT technology provider, especially if it can be traced back to a lack of oversight or failure to invest in good security.

—Mary Catherine O'Connor, Editor, IOT Journal

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