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What Devices Are Essential for IoT-based Intelligent Security?

Posted By IOT Journal, 06.30.2016

What types of equipment would we need to create a smart campus?

—Name withheld


Key devices for such an application would include internet- or intranet-linked security cameras, as well as an access-control system that relies on the use of key cards or NFC-enabled cellular phones to access secure areas. The security system should provide managers with an overview of the status of all locking doors, gates and other chokepoints, as well as a view of where all badge-carrying personnel are located at any given time, based on information collected by the access-control system.

Assets could be tracked as well, by attaching asset tags that transmit their location—and, potentially, their operational status—either via the campus Wi-Fi network or an alternative wireless network. The management platform should also be able to encrypt all data that is transmitted wirelessly, and to support other industry-standard security features.

—Mary Catherine O'Connor, Editor, IOT Journal

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