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What Are Some Applications of the IoT in Machine Tools Manufacturing?

Posted By IOT Journal, 06.29.2016

How could we use Internet of Things technologies in our field? And how would the data be collected and analyzed?

—Name withheld


Wireless sensors could be applied to mills, lathes and other tool-manufacturing machines. These devices could track vibration, heat, humidity or other factors that can influence the efficient operation of those machines. The sensors would transmit their data either wirelessly, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or some other networking protocol, or via wired connections to the machine's programmable logic controller.

The data would be collected and analyzed, either locally or remotely, via a cloud-based platform, and could be used to determine the overall health of each machine, as well as to look for indications that the machine may soon start to fail or perform sub-optimally. This type of analysis could be used in predictive or preventative maintenance regimes, which would replace scheduled or reactive maintenance practices. Over time, lower maintenance costs and more up-time would cover the costs of installing these IoT technologies.

—Mary Catherine O'Connor, Editor, IOT Journal

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