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How Could We Predict a Breakdown in Air Conditioning Using the Internet of Things?

Posted By IOT Journal, 11.04.2015

Would IoT technologies be able to help us do this?

—Name withheld


A number of technology vendors offer sensor solutions designed to enable the monitoring of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. These range widely in terms of complexity. For example, AAB Smart Tools sells a static pressure meter (SPM), or manometer, that can be mounted to a smartphone and measure the static pressure within an HVAC duct.

A more integrative approach for a building's HVAC system would be a solution by a company such as Enlighted, which has partnered with Hitachi Consulting, Oracle and Johnson Controls, in a building energy-monitoring system that enables companies to manage energy use and costs and reduce maintenance costs by flagging problems with air-conditioning systems before they break down.

—Mary Catherine O'Connor, Editor, IOT Journal

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