New York Builder Brings Safety With Visibility via RFID

An active RFID system, provided by Triax Technologies, enables Lettire Construction Corp. to track the locations of 140 workers on its site at any given time, to ensure that they are authorized to be there, are not in harm's way and are working where they should be.
By Claire Swedberg

The company is currently working with a contractor-controlled insurance program, for which it insures the work of all its contractors, and that means there are very strict rules regarding activities onsite. The company has been working with major insurance companies, Ruf says, representatives of which have toured the worksite and have seen the Spot-r system in use. Insurance reps who viewed the system included risk-management personnel, as well as underwriters, he says, and they indicated that they were impressed with the technology.

Since the system was taken live, Ruf says, it has been well received by the subcontracting companies. "The subs love it," he states, "because with the system, their productivity goes up." Workers are less inclined to take long or unauthorized breaks from work, and the work is being done more efficiently.

According to Hollingsworth, employees benefit from the technology by knowing they will have support in the event of an emergency. Each Spot-r device comes with a self-alert button that a worker can press and hold for two seconds, in order to signal that he or she needs help. A site superintendent will then receive that alert, along with the individual's identity and location.

Ruf says the system is also being tested with monthly mustering exercises, in which the software can be used to view who is still on-site at any given time.

What's more, Hollingsworth adds, the technology can provide analytics, such as where employees typically work, for instance, and when they should be re-assigned, in order to make a project more productive. The collected data can be shared with subcontractors as well as project owners, so that everyone involved can view what is happening onsite at any given time.

Currently, Lettire reports, the Spot-r system has been deployed or is being piloted at several worksites throughout North America.

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