Research Shows Industrial Organizations Increasingly Focused on IoT Adoption, But Most Still in Early Stages

Bsquare's 2017 Annual IIoT Adoption Study reveals 86 percent of industrial organizations have adopted the Internet of Things, but fewer than half are using advanced analytics and only a quarter have taken steps to automate the application of insights.
By IOT Journal

• Nine out of 10 decision-makers feel it is very or somewhat important for their organization to adopt IoT solutions. And 95 percent perceive IoT as having either a significant or tremendous impact on their industry at a global level.

• Industrial organizations are using IoT most frequently for device connectivity and data forwarding (78%), real-time monitoring (56 percent), and advanced data analytics (48%). More mature uses of IoT, such as automation and enhanced on-board intelligence, are also prevalent in industrial settings.

• More than 90% of IIoT adopters cite device-health as the primary reason for IoT adoption followed by logistics (67%), reducing operating costs (24 percent) and increasing production volume (18 percent).

• More than half of organizations are using annual subscription models for their IIoT solutions, and 77 percent use a cloud-based model. Amazon and Microsoft were tied (14 percent) for the preferred cloud service provider.

The IoT Maturity Index outlines the stages commonly associated with Industrial IoT technology adoption. Each phase typically builds on the previous one, allowing organizations to drive maximum value as they progress through the index. The stages include: 1) Device Connectivity – on-board logic to collect data and transmit to cloud databases, 2) Data Monitoring – dashboard and visualization tools to monitor real-time data, 3) Data Analytics – machine learning and complex analytics used to develop device models and insight, 4) Automation – development and execution of logic rules that automate business activities and device configuration, and 5) Edge Computing – distribution of analytics and orchestration to the device level.

For more information on the 2017 Annual IIoT Maturity Study, download the complete report here. Or, explore the survey infographics here.

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