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Cloudponics Intros IoT-Supported, Autonomous, Self-Sustaining Hydroponics System

Cloudponics, the intelligent IoT-supported at-home hydroponics system, has announced that its second generation GroBox, is immediately available to consumers nationwide. The fully autonomous and self-sustaining hydroponics grow system for growing medicinal plants and vegetables indoors can be easily controlled from a smartphone. Here's a link to a Livestream of the GroBox fully automated grow system.

The GroBox intelligently monitors and manages multiple variables such as air temperature, nutrients, humidity, water flow, airflow, light schedule and pH balance in order to create and sustain the optimal conditions for consistent, predictable, and repeatable yields. The GroBox can be paired with the Cloudponics app for 24/7/365 oversight and can run for up to 3 weeks before a water refill.

Whether for legal recreational or medicinal use, the GroBox is simple yet flexible enough that anyone from a beginner to an experienced grower can cultivate their own high-yielding, high quality cannabis plants in about three months' time from the convenience, comfort and safety of their home. By becoming the first to market with GroBox units ready for immediate purchase, Cloudponics solidifies its leadership position in the indoor/home gardening sector.

The GroBox can be used to grow a variety of plants and produce, however the system's current setup has been designed specifically for the unique needs of cannabis growers, with special features designed to ensure the security and discretion of your plants, such as an odor filter,app controlled door lock and lights specifically designed for growing cannabis.

"There's a growing trend in the U.S. towards the legalization of cannabis, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes," said Cloudponics founder, Pepijn van der Krogt. "It should come as no surprise then that both nutritional and medicinal gardens are blooming indoors whether growing arugula to bok choy, cilantro to cannabis clean fresh produce will be available to plant, pick and consume regularly with our GroBox system."

Currently, there are 29 states, plus the District of Columbia, where cannabis is legal for medicinal use. During last year's election, voters in California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine approved recreational marijuana, while Florida, North Dakota, Arkansas and Montana passed medical marijuana measures.

Cloudponics also has a professional grade GroPro controller that allows the user to control a grow room or grow tent to remotely monitor and automate hydroponic indoor grows with nutrient dosing, pH sensoring and climate controls.

"Gone are the days of constantly checking on your plants. With new ways to control your plants, a future-ready connected platform, and the most extensive range of autonomous features available today, Cloudponics' GroBox will change the way you think about growing cannabis for the better," concluded van der Krogt.

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