MetTel Offers New Fleet-Management Solutions for Internet of Things

The technology helps trucking, pharmaceuticals, transportation and food-distribution companies to create an IoT-powered mobile workforce.
By IOT Journal

Given MetTel's approach, its fleet management solutions can be up and running for organizations in days versus months. There is no significant capital expense or added training, and it provides the ability to easily scale with a company's fleet and add new features as needed.

National logistics companies ship millions of packages. Staying competitive in a thin-margin business requires innovation and adoption of key technologies enabling the business to be productive, safe and compliant. MetTel's Fleet Management Solutions are already helping a national transportation company deliver more packages with fewer resources in less time. Its also created a safer environment for its drivers by giving them the tools to automate, monitor and manage all regulatory and compliance needs, including ELD, HOS, IFTA, DVIR and FMCSA regulations.

A city government could deploy MetTel Fleet Management Solutions to address key performance issues for waste and water divisions, which would provide insightful data on time spent, challenges and a better path to solutions. The MetTel offering also allows automation of key job functions like operations, maintenance, dispatch, driver identification, safety and more – saving fuel costs, time and automating crucial records/history.

Channel partners and resellers of MetTel's Fleet Management Solutions will be able to tap into multiple industries: shipping and logistics, medical equipment, remote healthcare, HVAC, plumbing, construction, municipalities and many other organizations with a mobile workforce.

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