Klashwerks Launchs All-in-One Connected Car Technology

Piper creator Russell Ure brings the smart home concept to the car with Raven.
By IOT Journal
Oct 04, 2017


Klashwerks, the Ottawa-based design and technology company focused on the emerging connected car market, today announced its official launch with the introduction of its flagship product, Raven. Based on the premise of safety and family first, CEO and founder Russell Ure — previously of Piper — is bringing to market a vision that will impact the future of connected cars and on-the-road safety through a single solution.

Raven's technology will give cars the intelligence and voice needed to proactively communicate with drivers how to be smarter, safer and more connected while on the road. With features including internal and external dash cameras, a security system, mobile app integration, LTE cellular, GPS navigation and more, Raven integrates some of the world's most comprehensive auto solutions into a single product that provides consumers the peace of mind they need when it comes to the safety of their car — and the loved ones who may be driving it.

"Our vehicles can be a source of freedom and enjoyment, but a source of worry as well. Raven wants to change that," said Russell Ure, Klashwerks CEO. "Raven brings your car to life in a way that doesn't deter from the 'freedom of the open road' mindset through the infusion of intuitive technology that drives with you, not for you."

Current connected car technologies available to consumers lack the ability to encompass all the vital information most drivers crave — including updates on weather, traffic, road conditions and even car diagnostics. A first of its kind, Raven serves as the car's intelligent driving companion, making it simple to interact with the vehicle and stay connected with family and friends in a way that's never before been possible.

"The Raven device is like the eyes and ears of my car that I never had," said Raven beta customer Patrick Delplancke. "Not only does it tell me when it's being driven, but I no longer have to worry about my wife or kids while they're on the go. It's great that I can check in on them in real-time through the camera and know right away when they're safe."

"The connected car market is the next large growth opportunity for cellular," said Daniel Crawford, Klashwerks director of R&D. "Raven marries cameras, telematics, security, cloud and mobile technologies into one seamless experience that drivers and their families will find difficult to live without. Under the hood, the sophistication and engineering packed into this makes it a product that's firing on all cylinders."

By providing peace of mind for drivers and their loved ones right at their fingertips, the Raven device works with its companion mobile app to deliver real-time updates via its multi-display dashboard. Types of drivers who will benefit from Raven include:

Parents of Young Drivers: When teens walk out the door with car keys in hand, parents want to know they're safe every mile of their journey. They can't always call or text (and shouldn't be while driving), so Raven proactively sends parents all the information they need about their young drivers and the cars they are wheeling around.

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