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Turkcell rolls out narrow-band IoT network across Turkey ••• Sigfox provides Internet of Things wireless network to City of Buffalo ••• OSRAM acquires software platform provider Digital Lumens Inc. ••• TraqIQ completes two acquisitions to form IoT and data-analytics public company ••• ChikPea to demonstrate IoT devices ••• Machfu raises $1.6 million to accelerate IIoT deployments in energy, smart water ••• Embraco unveils IoT-enabled refrigerator solution ••• SPYRUS announces security platform for Internet of Things ••• Logic Supply launches industrial PC for IIoT, image-processing applications.
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SPYRUS Announces Security Platform for Internet of Things

SPYRUS, Inc. has announced the Security in a Box (SDK), offering a comprehensive development and support environment for IoT platform security. Release of this SPYRUS SDK extends the initial Raspberry Pi introduction earlier this year to the Qualcomm Dragonboard and TI's OMAP product lines. The SPYRUS Security in a Box boasts easy access to open source code repositories, scripts, and related source code samples, accessible by registering at our SPYRUS IoT Developers' Site: Security in a Box offers simple integration with our extensive SPYRUS product family of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware security modules (HSM) that includes form factors such as the Rosetta Smart Card, Rosetta USB, Rosetta Micro embedded QFN packages, and Rosetta TrustedFlash microSDHC. Each with embedded or external hardware encrypted data storage.

For enterprise data protection deployment requirements, our SPYRUS USB 3.0 SSD class hardware encrypting bootable live drives for Windows To Go, Linux2Go and the PocketVault P-3X encrypted storage drives are protected by our Rosetta HSM and certified SPYRUS Cryptographic Operating System (SPYCOS). Our "Made in the USA" SPYRUS Rosetta HSM suite features PKI digital signatures, hashing, key management, and our patented zero knowledge secret sharing technology -- a true hardware root of trust for IoT. Whether embedded in circuit boards, computing platforms or SPYRUS devices, the Rosetta devices leverage industry standard cryptographic algorithms and protocols operating in a fully FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSM .

"Today's network enabled IoT devices are vulnerable to intrusion, denial of services, and hijacking threats that can escalate to Distributed Denials of Service (DDOS) attacks such as the well-publicized Mirai Trojan horse virus," said Tom Dickens, SPYRUS COO. "Made in the USA, the SPYRUS Security in a Box for IoT offers the only Hardware Root of Trust essential to securing mission critical end points and applications such as real time health monitoring of aircraft, power grids, telemedicine, homeland security, and other publicly and privately owned critical national infrastructure. SPYRUS continues its leadership role as a Cyber Security thought leader and investment in a flexible family of hardware root of trust devices to the Raspberry Pi, Qualcomm, and TI OMAP that will enable a seamless integration into IoT platforms and cloud computing back end infrastructures."

The SPYRUS Security in a Box SDK offers state of the art technologies for low power, cost effective compute platforms that provide aggregators and gateways for sensor information as well as secure endpoints for control of physical infrastructure functions. Secured by SPYRUS gateways, alone or supplemented with low power accelerators, provides the basis for a network of interconnected processing elements to implement "fog" computing. This rapidly evolving distributed computing paradigm enhances the opportunities for data analytics and other computer intensive functions to be performed at the "edge" rather than a centralized or "cloud" server, mitigating latency and providing high availability through redundancy.

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