Hewlett-Packard Factory Showcases Internet of Things Advances in Brazil

At a recent GS1 event, HP Brazil's success story with its Exceler8 platform was presented as an example of the real business benefits resulting from RFID.
By Edson Perin

The event featured a workshop with more than 50 external experts from automotive segments, textiles, oil and gas, and mining, covering such applications as predictive maintenance, production optimization, augmented reality and inventory optimization. Netto also revealed challenges for the rural environment, such as health problems, infrastructure, mechanization and optimization of inputs, and for the health environment, such as chronic diseases, prevention, aging and innovation.

The development of the plan, which has four stages and is currently in its third stage, foresees as the next steps an interministerial seminar for mobilization and engagement, a second public consultation (including the refinement of the action plan), the conclusion of the study in September or October of this year, and the launch during the fourth quarter.

Summary of Other Lectures
During his presentation, GS1's Blonck offered an international perspective on Industry 4.0, reinforcing the need to use international standards, including the IoT, to ensure interoperability in the supply chain. He commented that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and GS1 are working to develop global standards, and mentioned that there are currently more than 3,000 proprietary standards, which he said is not a viable situation.

Deloitte's Denti commented that the convergence of analytics and advanced manufacturing is part of Industry 4.0, and reinforced the need for standards, especially in the use of information for behavior analysis. Focused on the health and automotive sectors, he cited the need to develop human resources—that is, to prepare professionals to make this transformation.

CNI's Gonçalves focused on Industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing, mass customization, 3D printing and additive manufacturing. His presentation gave importance to manufacturing, emphasizing that from there will come innovation. Poli USP's Britto, meanwhile, addressed his preliminary initiatives in the concept of what he called Hospital 4.0.

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