Open Connectivity Foundation Selects SURE Universal for IoT Interoperability Verification

In addition, OCF has signed a new licensing agreement with SURE Universal to use its software for interoperability testing of hardware and software products.
By IOT Journal
Aug 09, 2017


SURE Universal Ltd., creator of the next-generation software solutions for smart home, digital media, and IoT, is the first client software certified by Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). In addition, OCF has signed a new licensing agreement with SURE Universal to use SURE software for interoperability testing of hardware and software products seeking OCF certification.

OCF is an open-source standard for IoT products to work seamlessly together, regardless of the brand. A number of major appliance manufacturers will be announcing OCF support in their products later this year, with about one hundred more officially announcing support in 2018.

SURE Universal is at the forefront of this exciting new collaboration among the top hardware and appliance manufacturers in the world by providing a complete software solution – universal remote control, cloud server for data and communications, IoT gateway software, and smart appliance software.

Kimberly Lewis, OCF Marketing Work Group Chair said, "SURE Universal is the first software solution that has gained OCF certification. It is also the perfect tool for us to use for testing manufacturer claims that their products are OCF compliant. We value a company like SURE Universal, who is dedicated to making life easier for consumers by allowing them to have products from different manufacturers all just work together, seamlessly and without effort."

SURE Universal is the ultimate solution to make sure all appliances from different brands talk to each other. Imagine traveling for work. You arrive at the hotel and check in via an app on your smartphone. You can then unlock your door, walk into the room and control the entire room environment from your smartphone – turn on lights, close the shades, turn the TV on to your favorite news channel, set your alarm to wake you up in the morning. With all the devices in the room from different manufacturers, everything can be controlled from one central location on your smartphone because of SURE Universal software with OCF support.

The latest version of SURE Universal Remote app for Android announced at MWC Shanghai, features Amazon Alexa voice assistant integration. Future versions of SURE Universal Remote will also include support for Google Voice and Apple Siri, making SURE Universal Remote the only smartphone application needed to control any connected device with voice commands.

The SURE Universal app in combination with OCF standard supports any wireless protocol in common use, ranging from specialized smart home RF technologies, like Z-Wave and Zigbee, to more common networking technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With infrared blaster, SURE Universal can control more than a million different infrared appliances.

Currently, SURE Universal is working with some of the biggest appliance manufacturers in the world to assist them with implementation of the OCF protocol and to achieve interoperability with other IoT vendors. SURE business partners benefit from fast time-to-market because of the proven SURE Universal technology. All appliance vendors are welcome to contact SURE Universal for partnerships on OCF protocol implementation and certification.

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