Brazilian Government's IoT Study Releases First Results

A recent report, titled "Internet of Things: An Action Plan for Brazil," cites five lessons from the project.
By Edson Perin

Lesson 5: Key Themes Need to Be Regulated, But There's No Consensus on How to Do So
• Standardization: One of the IoT's biggest challenges is to enable devices to communicate with each other, regardless of who made them or where they were manufactured. Some countries encourage open standards, while others adopt global or market-defined standards.

• Connectivity: The large number of devices will require a complex infrastructure. Some governments develop local infrastructure (the European Union, Japan and Korea), while others have worked for the formation of global platforms (the United Kingdom, China and Singapore).

• Privacy and security: In all countries studied, there is a consensus that it is necessary to create mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access, the misuse of personal data and attacks on systems. However, governments have still advanced at different rates in passing laws and in creating institutions responsible for their enforcement.

The full report can be downloaded from the BNDES website.

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