Toshiba Announces New ICs for BLE Smart Devices

The integrated circuits are the latest additions to the company's lineup of ICs supporting Bluetooth Low Energy ver.4.2 communications.
By Rich Handley
Jun 08, 2017

Toshiba Corp. has announced the launch of two new ICs, models TC3567CFSG and TC3567DFSG, that offer low current consumption and increased security. The new ICs are the latest additions to Toshiba's lineup of ICs supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) ver.4.2 communications.

The new ICs offer a peak current consumption of 3.3mA at 3V voltage supply in transmission mode, by adopting a DC-DC converter and an original low-power circuit design. They can acquire a random number with a length of up to 32 bytes, using a random number generator. This function, the company notes, helps users to strengthen the information security of Internet of Things products.

Toshiba's TC3567CFSG and TC3567DFSG ICs
The TC3567CFSG incorporates 128 kilobytes of Flash ROM for storing user programs and various data in standalone operations. The integration of an RF matching circuit and crystal load capacitors for a clock generator reduces the external component count during IC design, the company reports, with only seven components required for set development. This contributes to reductions in cost and mounting area.

The TC3567DFSG has no built-in Flash ROM and achieves low current operation by reducing the current consumption required for access to Flash ROM. This allows it to achieve long operating times for applications powered by small coin batteries. For example, using a CR2032-type coin battery, the new IC can carry out beacon operation for more than two years.

The new ICs will facilitate the adoption of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications for IoT products that require a high level of security, including wearable devices for health-care applications and high-grade small devices that use coin batteries, such as sensors and toys.

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