Educational Advice to Businesses Trading Abroad

The associated implications of the Internet of Things mean greater data and the capacity for both individuals and machinery to communicate on a wider basis.
By Marcus Turner Jones

What Is Business Etiquette?
In a consumer-driven world, business etiquette and relationship building ought to be the primary focus for businesses in 2017 and going forward. With a push on UX, business etiquette is partially UX-driven and is the small, yet important touches that set your business apart from the competition and have others wanting to come back again and again. Building loyalty, which leads to repeat custom, not only makes good business sense, but leads to a more satisfactory and sustainable business model.

Sustainable Growth
Many emergent businesses tend to focus on creating discounts and offers to get people through the door, where the real focus needs to be on sustainable growth, on delivering an optimum service with all the little extras, and on prioritizing client relationships. Ultimately, it is much more effective to look after one account well than to have five accounts that cannot be managed. With the sustainability of relationships in mind, provide a service that goes above and beyond client expectations and they will definitely repeat their custom.

User Experience
UX is currently something of a buzzword in business, with good reason. Pre-empting clients' needs and understanding what provides a good service executes a high level of business etiquette. Starting out with this is a solid foundation on which to grow a sustainable and exceptional international business. Considering what partners need every step of the way and demonstrating that this can be achieved is key to delivering an outstanding user experience, which will forge strong relationships for years to come. TNT has used this strategy when acquiring partnerships across the globe by taking the time to really observe and understand the corporate culture of new markets.

Spend time in the new country, attend meetings and speak to natives to build a strong, considered and sustainable relationship.

Marcus Turner Jones graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Sheffield before pursuing a career as a market analyst in London. He has his own website, Turner Jones Finance, and writes freelance from Buenos Aires with his dog, Luna. Marcus has a keen eye for how the markets influence day-to-day business and enjoys deliberating on these subjects.

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