Top Trends at Embedded World 2017

This year's event, held in Nuremberg, Germany, revealed new and continued trends in the application of embedded devices in the industry.
By IOT Journal
Apr 13, 2017


This year's Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany revealed new and continued trends in the application of embedded devices in the industry. Internet of Things (IoT) has been a hot topic in the embedded solutions market for several years now, with over 60% of the conference lectures focused on IoT. Security was another major topic of conversation with relation to IoT and it's applications. The most notable growing trend at the conference, though, was embedded vision.

While one the more popular applications for embedded vision is driverless cars with embedded vision navigation and collision avoidance systems, growth for embedded vision systems can also be seen in variety of industries. This is driven by advances in small form factor design of both key components and systems as well as rugged features which makes suitable for a range of non-factory environments. These advancements are leading to vision applications in hyperspectral and multispectral imaging for agriculture, surveying, and scientific use, autonomous vehicles, military ISR, and security among others.

At this year's Embedded World, ADL Embedded Solutions debuted its compact ADLVIS-1700 CoaXPress/Camera Link Vision System. The ADLVIS-1700 is the smallest CoaXPress vision system in the industry (HWD = 5" x 7" x 7.6"). The two CXP-6 ports are capable of 1250 MB/s camera transfer speed in a small form factor vision system, and helps address the need for high-performance image capture and storage in a variety of industries. To date, comparable CoaXPress speed and resolution has only been available on desktop PCs and workstations. The ADLVIS-1700 incorporates four removable SATA drives to accommodate increasing storage needs. The integrated PCIe/104 CPU/CXP sub-assembly (ADLVIS-1660) is also available for OEM use.

ADL also offered an early look at its latest Intel Core 3.5" SBC, ADLQ170HDS, based on 6th generation Intel technology. With hardware level TPM 2.0 encryption technology, 32GB memory capacity, 4x SATA 6GB/s and 4x USB 3.0, the ADLQ170HDS will combine stunning computational performance and virtualization capabilities with secure data features and high-speed storage. This makes it ideal for applications where high-performance is an absolute necessity, but no less critical are less tangible features like high MTBF, long-life availability, hardware and firmware revision control, obsolescence management, technical, engineering and design support.

Virtualization, high-speed and high-resolution vision systems, secure network appliances and high-speed storage are just a few of the target applications ideal for the ADLQ170HDS. Its rugged design and wide operating temperature range extends its use to include toll and border security, traffic engineering, alternative energy controllers and dataloggers, drone payload computing, and a variety of other use scenarios.

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