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People Power announces home-security solution with bot-enabled AI, hacker-resistant gateway; Sengled LED bulbs connect to IoT via Silicon Labs ZigBee technology; STMicroelectronics, Sigfox offer IoT security to industrial, consumer device makers; CLX Communications provides global cellular IoT connectivity for Top Fuel; Aurora Lighting to unveil new smart IoT lighting platform; Asavie launches industrial IoT accelerator kit with Dell, EpiSensor; Libelium presents IoT solutions for environment care in green cities, flood prevention, security, golf courses.
By Rich Handley
Mar 03, 2017

People Power Announces Home-Security Solution With Bot-Enabled AI, Hacker-Resistant Gateway

Internet of Things software company People Power has announce People Power Pro Security, a home-security solution designed to help digital service providers—such as utilities, telecoms, cable operators and manufacturers—bring smart-home services to their customers. The system allows businesses to employ new bot services, designed for the faster construction and implementation of smart-home intelligence and People Power's IoT Gateway.

Built for digital service providers, People Power Pro Security integrates artificial-intelligence (AI) technologies through the use of bots—micro-services that listen to and understand real-time data streams from a user's life to learn patterns and produce more intelligent outcomes. The solution includes an array of expandable hardware products and sensors to accelerate time-to-market delivery of consumer IoT programs. Pro Security is designed to be easy to install for consumers with iOS- or Android-based smartphone apps, and offers optional 24-7 professional monitoring.

People Power is providing developer access to the new People Power Bot Lab and Bot Server to explore the creation of new services for smart homes and buildings. Bot Lab is an environment for adding new micro-services to existing devices or data sources. The service is complemented by People Power's IoT connectivity software, Presto, which provides free hosting to cloud-enable any IoT device from concept through commercial development. This allows businesses and manufacturers to integrate new features and services into legacy or in-market products. Bot Server lives in a cloud-computing environment to run bots that consumers can operate 24-7 in the background.

"Our announcement today identifies the moment when artificial intelligence for IoT systems moves from the theoretical to the everyday practical," said Gene Wang, People Power's CEO, in a prepared statement. "An industry first, our bots are on the job learning and producing highly-imaginative and valuable IoT outcomes. If a smart home isn't learning constantly with bot-enabled AI, then consider it outdated."

Included in the Pro Security solution is the new People Power IoT Gateway. The gateway incorporates NewSky Security's hacker-resistant device security technology, the company reports. The technology applies an AI-based solution that actively learns and enforces expected patterns of network traffic, identifying and remedying suspicious and potentially overwhelming network activities and anomalies. The People Power gateway is capable of protecting against both small and lethal IoT security threats.

The gateway is a ZigBee 3.0 hyper-compatible gateway for intelligent homes that provides simplified IoT deployments with an array of connected-device possibilities. Integrating with Pro Security to drive recurring service revenues, the gateway incorporates multiple home-networking technologies, including ZigBee 3.0, BLE 4.1, WLAN 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n, and optional Z-Wave and cellular. Designed to incorporate emerging technologies, the gateway features both local Micro SD storage and USB 2.0 for expansion. The gateway is currently deployed in several IoT programs and is available for deployments under partner brands.

"Smart homes are dumb compared to what they need to be—conscious homes," said David Moss, People Power's president and CTO, in the prepared statement. "In the same way mobile app developers create new features for smartphones, now bot developers can create new features, services and experiences for every internet-connected device. Our IoT software suite and People Power IoT Gateway allows developers, manufacturers and digital service providers to deliver valuable new services and experiences for homes and buildings."

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