Gooee, Lumicenter Lighting Bring IoT Platform to Brazil

The two companies are partnering on an intelligent lightning solution powered by the Internet of Things.
By Edson Perin

"We believe there are a number of opportunities to generate value" for customers, de Salles says. "For example, through Gooee's platform, our customers can, in addition to having exceptional control over the use of electricity in lighting, innovate the way in which data relevant to important business decision-making is collected. "

Among the solutions that will be offered, and which are not currently available in the region, are some connected-lighting systems, de Salles says—which will primarily be made available in Europe and the United States. "Some are still undergoing testing with pilot installations, and others are already being offered to the market," he states. "In Brazil, we have not yet had official news of the availability of connected lighting systems."

Regarding costs, de Salles notes, there will initially be expenses related to the hardware that will be integrated into the lighting equipment, along with an additional cost per connected node. "In addition to being a disruptive technology," he says, "the business model is also disruptive, so we're looking at how best to deliver it to the market."

Gooee's technology, de Salles says, is designed to manage high-volume transaction data from local environments, and to provide a platform for developing applications and data visualizations. The company promises to develop and deliver innovative services to its customers in any industries, he adds.

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