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Semtech LoRa technology selected for Australia's first IoT network ••• CALLUP to introduce remote SIM card management system for the IoT ••• Bridge Alliance, Gemalto offer eSIM solution for consumer IoT devices ••• Itron, Bsquare provide app community for grid edge devices ••• SALUS Controls chooses Ayla Networks to connect smart building products to the IoT ••• Microsoft intros new blockchain product-tracking project ••• Red Ledge launches open RFID- and IIoT-ready asset-management system ••• MITRE announces winner of Internet of Things challenge.
By Rich Handley

MITRE Announces Winner of Internet of Things Challenge

A team from Georgia has won MITRE's Unique Identification of Things (IoT) Challenge. Team 0xDEADBEEF, led by Ciena's Duncan Thompson, won $50,000 by posting the highest score in the competition. The two runner-up teams were from Pulzze Systems and Tietronix Software, both of which work in the IoT field.

MITRE created the IoT challenge, which attracted 130 teams worldwide, to propose ideas for addressing a key security issue inherent in IoT networks: identifying devices on a network and knowing when changes occur. The goal, according to the company, was to help government agencies, industry and individuals reap the benefits of the Internet of Things, while minimizing risks. The contest launched in October 2016 and ended last month.

"The top three teams had different approaches to solving the problem, which is what we hoped would happen," said Jeff Schwefler, the contest's creator, in a prepared statement. "These teams are willing to share their knowledge with MITRE's government sponsors at an event to be held in the spring… The challenge showed that there is no one answer to the problem of IoT security. There's still a lot more work to be done in this area. What we've learned already has helped reveal the gaps in our knowledge and where we need to do additional work to identify devices in a real-world network."

Schwefler led a team of MITRE subject-matter experts and interns to create the core of the challenge, setting up a model home network that included a large number of IoT devices, such as door locks, thermostats and lighting controls. They re-created a home setting because of the wide availability of affordable devices, and because a solution that works in the home could be adapted to other network environments, such as a hospital or military facility.

Each registered team was given access to radio frequency (RF) capture data from the model home network. The first recording was a baseline RF capture of the environment. The second recording was a "challenge" RF recording in which IoT devices were either added, removed or modified. Each team was required to answer a series of questions regarding the baseline and challenge recordings, and MITRE then assessed their ability to uniquely identify devices.

Team 0xDEADBEEF was led by Duncan Thompson, from Roswell, Ga. Thompson, a hardware engineer at Ciena, works on verification for optical networking switches. He graduated from Georgia Tech with bachelor's and master's degrees in computer engineering.

Pulzze Systems, a technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, is developing systems to advance IoT technology in the areas of end point detection, entity recognition and service interaction. Its team members included Peter Jung, Baek Soo Kwak, Kausik Sridhar, Jason Monroe, David Jung and Divya Sridhar.

Finally, Tietronix, based in Houston, Texas, provides engineering and software solutions to government and commercial clients, specializing in software development, IT security, training, simulation, internal R&D projects, government agency-funded research and projects with universities. Its members included William Baker, Svetlana Hanson, Cody Hodges, Steve Knight, Kyle Nguyen, Glen Rieke and Ngoc Vu.

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