Ayla Networks Announces IoT Platform Updates for Manufacturers, Adds Amazon Alexa Integration

The platform makes it easier and more convenient for manufacturers to manage their IoT products. Manufacturers with products connected to the Ayla IoT cloud can connect and configure Alexa voice control almost instantly.
By IOT Journal
Jan 06, 2017


Ayla Networks has announced new features of its IoT platform that make it easier and more convenient for manufacturers to manage their IoT products—especially as they deploy many thousands or millions of connected products—and to use IoT data from connected products to improve their businesses.

"While most IoT technology providers are still focused on issues of how to get connected to the IoT, Ayla is addressing the big question from manufacturers who already have connected products: Now what?" said Adrian Caceres, CTO, vice president engineering and co-founder of Ayla Networks. "Think of this latest set of updates to our Ayla IoT platform as building blocks enabling the next phase of IoT evolution—by helping manufacturers do useful things with IoT data generated by their connected products."

The promise of the IoT has always been about using the data generated by connected devices—about the real-world performance of the IoT products as well as how people actually use the products—to improve future product designs, perform predictive maintenance, and provide add-on services that enhance the value for end users while providing additional revenue streams for manufacturers.

The Ayla IoT platform updates, all of which are at the Ayla Cloud level, include both standard and premium features. The new features are:

Dashboard 1.5 improves usability. This latest revision of Ayla's web-based IoT device management and configuration dashboard adds new functionality and has an enhanced user interface (UI) that lets manufacturers manage their IoT products better, faster and more intuitively. The new UI also was redesigned to scale smoothly, so that manufacturers can quickly find and manage up to millions of devices.

User-controlled integrations with third-party cloud services improve the value of connected products for end users. Also referred to as "user opt in," this feature allows manufacturers to pre-configure cloud-to-cloud connections between their IoT products and various third-party cloud services or systems, such as energy demand management or home security. End users can enable or disable these connections as they choose.

Data Streaming Service (DSS) provides manufacturers with continuous, instant access to their IoT data. This premium feature allows IoT data from a product connected to the Ayla Cloud to be sent directly to the manufacturer, without having to request or pull it from the Ayla Cloud. With DSS, a manufacturer's IoT data—which they own—streams or flows automatically from the Ayla Cloud to the manufacturer's servers, instead of being stored in the Ayla Cloud. As a result, manufacturers save time by gaining near-real time access to their data, which they can then analyze and use.

Data Export delivers IoT data on demand to manufacturers. Data Export enables manufacturers to export data generated by their IoT products from the Ayla Cloud, then push the data to wherever they need it. Unlike the DSS feature, which is a continuous and live form of data export, the Data Export feature lets manufacturers export their data periodically, as needed and on demand.

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