IoT News Roundup

In-car Cleverness, Aeris expand global connectivity service for IoT automotive telematics; Airfi's Catalyst system streamlines connectivity for device OEMs; Semtech, Tata Communications launch LoRa technology center in India; ZigBee Alliance, Thread Group demonstrate ZigBee products running universal language; SoftServe boosts vehicle security with smart biometric authentication.
By Rich Handley
Dec 23, 2016

In-car Cleverness, Aeris Expand Global Connectivity Service for IoT Automotive Telematics
Vehicle technology specialist In-car Cleverness (IcC) has announced that it is collaborating with Internet of Things provider Aeris to offer IoT automotive cellular data and charge-free roaming to its customers throughout Europe and worldwide. This includes automotive dealers, rental operators and auto leasing and insurance companies.

With global support of such cellular technology standards as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and Long-Term Evolution (LTE), the Aeris and IcC collaboration is designed to boost fleet flexibility and provide opportunities for IcC's customers to increase their cross-border growth.

IcC, a part of the Automotive & Insurance Solutions Group of Companies (AIS), provides telemetry services to improve the management of corporate fleets, rental companies and dealership groups, as well as reduce costs and improve safety and utilization. As IcC's solutions expand across the United Kingdom and Europe, the companies report, its collaboration with Aeris will allow the partners to support customers wherever they are located and regardless of what systems they use.

Airfi's Catalyst System Streamlines Connectivity for Device OEMs
Airfi, a global provider of technologies that simplify cellular connectivity for devices, has announced the availability of Catalyst by Airfi. This turnkey platform is designed to enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly and easily integrate connected devices with cellular networks without having to invest significant amounts of time, money and effort.

According to the company, Catalyst provides a platform from which companies can activate devices and enroll customers to monetize their products. Airfi has partnered with carriers in North America to bring its platform to customers in a variety of flexible configurations. and plans to roll out the system globally next year. Features include MyCatalyst, an end-user lifecycle-management application; RESTful API, which allows for the integration of an OEM's customer system into the Catalyst platform; and Catalyst Central, a portal and interface for managing end users.

OEMs can leverage Catalyst to bring products to market more quickly, by removing the technical barriers of working with multiple carriers and network infrastructures in different markets. The system also helps to generate additional revenue for carriers, by enabling them to more quickly and efficiently support OEMs interested in using their networks. "Catalyst eliminates the commercial and technical challenges OEMs face working with carriers to connect their products," said Dariush Zand, Airfi's CCO and cofounder, in a prepared statement.

Cellular connections can be a challenge for OEMs looking to quickly bring products to market, but it is crucial for devices that require connectivity and security while on the move or where Wi-Fi may not be available. Catalyst by Airfi can be used for a variety of applications, ranging from low-bandwidth services, such as tracking, to high-bandwidth services, such as video recording for use with security cameras.

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