Smart Home: Top-Notch Technologies

A growing number of houses contain systems designed to make life easier and more comfortable, thanks to the Internet of Things.
By Yana Yelina

6) Moorebot is an animated robot that can argue with Dirror about the "best personal assistant" title. Moorebot can obey orders, make pictures (thanks to a face-tracking camera), record videos, monitor the room remotely, report recent news, set reminders and take control of other smart-home items.

This robot can also be used for entertainment purposes: Users can get pleasure from Moorebot's jokes, music eyeball dance, games and more. Another distinguishing feature is that the robot has its own personality, a unique voice and an eye that opens wide when it's excited, closes when it's bored and blinks when it's not sure about one thing or another.

7) The Ecobee3 Smart WiFi Thermostat will bring comfort to your house.

As a rule, ordinary thermostats that control the temperature within just one room are supposed to provide comfort all over the house. Ecobee3 remote sensors, in turn, guarantee the correct temperatures in the rooms that matter most. Moreover, they keep an eye on the outside weather and provide the desired and optimal indoor temperature. The Ecobee3 system also takes into account the work of your ventilators and humidifiers, and regulates all necessary parameters within the house.

The thermostat tracks your presence at home and automatically changes the schedule (if necessary) to leverage comfort and save your expenditures. Moreover, you can expect to receive timely alerts and reminders about low equipment performance. At the end of the month, the system will provide a detailed insight into your heating and cooling equipment and help you to avoid additional costs.

The above is just a short list of IoT devices that can make your home smarter. But talking into consideration the fact that people spend a lot of time at their workplace, it seems reasonable to use some of these devices during working hours (Moorebot is a great example), or to expect some other novelties from experts in custom business applications development.

Yana Yelina graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University with a bachelor's degree in translation/interpretation (English, Spanish and Italian) and public relations. Since then, she has worked as a copywriter and journalist for a number of Belarusian companies. At EffectiveSoft, a custom software development company, Yana holds the position of tech journalist and writes about modern technologies, covering software-development practices in a broad array of business domains: trading and finance, e-commerce, education, health care logistics, etc. She can be reached online at You can also connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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