Smart Home: Top-Notch Technologies

A growing number of houses contain systems designed to make life easier and more comfortable, thanks to the Internet of Things.
By Yana Yelina
Dec 22, 2016

The Internet of Things is rapidly conquering the market, as more and more houses are being equipped with sophisticated devices and technologies aimed at providing homeowners with comfort, individualization and connectivity.

This fact is proved by statistics: In 2006, the number of IoT objects was 2 billion, and this figure is projected to reach 200 billion in 2020.

Moreover, according to Icontrol's "2015 State of the Smart Home Report," there was a rise in interest in smart homes among millennials (79 percent) and parents (76 percent), and 50 percent of the worldwide population is excited about this technology. Another 50 percent of owners (54 percent in the United States) say they plan to purchase at least one smart-home product within the next year.

Smart-home devices are quite diverse and serve different purposes. So, let's have a look at some of those technologies.

1) FridgeCam will become a great aid in putting in order an array of products. With this Wi-Fi-connected cam installed in your refrigerator, it is possible to check what you have in stock. Every time the fridge door opens, you get fresh snapshots of the available items and can control the amounts. Smarter Company also created a companion app that enables you to check the content pictures and get rid of expired products (thanks to timely notifications). You can avoid kitchen disasters related to unexpected warming in the fridge, thanks to the thermostat that tracks the inside temperature.

Beyond that, the device uses your phone's GPS to remind you when you're passing by the shop. And the photos of your fridge content, made by FridgeCam, release you and your family from the necessity of purchasing extra food, thus helping you to save money. Another notable feature is that the app can suggest recipes based on the number of ingredients you have, or make up a shopping list for future purchases.

2) Dirror, the first digital mirror in the world, will also make your home smarter. This device, loaded with Microsoft Windows 10, is intelligent and user-friendly. It doesn't matter in which room you are—you can relish Dirror's features.

Dirror boasts a voice control and a multi-touch screen. With this IoT product, you can tidy yourself and, at the same time, do a lot of other things, such as check your inbox, respond to messages, talk via telephone, listen to your favorite music to relax, plan your weekend activities, make "must do" lists and so on. The embedded apps also allow you to receive fresh news and forecasts, watch high-resolution pictures and videos, and schedule your day.

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