IoT News Roundup

NFC Forum unveils tag-certification initiative, calls for participation; DHS releases strategic principles for securing Internet of Things; Gooee partners with PointGrab to enhance smart lighting platform; Oracle buys Dynamic Network Services.
By Rich Handley

Gooee Partners With PointGrab to Enhance Smart Lighting Platform

Gooee, which offers an operating platform designed to connect lighting manufacturers to the Internet of Things, has announced a partnership with PointGrab, a provider of an intelligent edge-analytics sensing solution. By connecting PointGrab's CogniPoint deep-learning-based sensor into Gooee's ecosystem, and by streaming the data to Gooee's cloud, the partnership aims to enhance the building-automation industry through real-time intelligence and energy efficiency.

In the era of the Internet of Things, the company reports, there is opportunity to introduce a new approach to building automation that provides real-time intelligence and control. This platform, according to the two partners, aims to yield smart buildings that are efficient, save energy, optimize facility management, enhance safety and security, generate business intelligence and improve occupants' experience.

"Alongside our IoT sensor, the PointGrab sensing platform will generate a rich dataset," said Simon Coombes, Gooee's CTO and cofounder, in a prepared statement, "that we expect will lead to several energy-saving opportunities and the optimization of smart buildings."

PointGrab's CogniPoint edge-analytics sensing solution provides occupants' presence, count and positions in a miniature form factor. By utilizing advanced deep-learning neural networks technology, the device delivers actionable analytics for optimizing building operations, space management, energy savings and business intelligence.

"Due to the increased demand for intelligent and more efficient buildings, and following the rapid adoption of the IoT, smart sensors are essential to today's building-automation capabilities," said Itamar Roth, PointGrab's chief business officer, in the prepared statement. "Integrating our technology into Gooee's ecosystem expands our market reach and enables customers to access the complete joint solution."

For Gooee, this represents the first integration of third-party technology into its ecosystem. In the statement, Coombes added, "We are exploring additional ways to enrich datasets that can be generated from a building environment, and have begun other integrations that will enhance both user experience and yield a rich presentation of data that can offer insights and suggestions on energy savings."

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