How Fitness Trackers Can Prevent Heart Attacks

In the near future, fitness trackers could double as heart-health trackers.
By Yana Yelina

With medical data analysis software, IT companies can address the challenge of gathering and analyzing the huge amount of data that wearable devices generate. But a range of issues must be addressed before wearable heart trackers can be leveraged to help individuals anticipate possible heart problems, including stroke:

1) Collection of statistical data. Analyzing cardiographs collected from a range of devices and sensors may become more complicated due to a model range diversity and data format incompatibility. So, one big challenge here is the creation of a universal interpreter to recognize files of different formats.

2) Microprocessors and new patterns. Current fitness trackers have powerful processors, but mobile health-care application developers will need to be able to analyze data culled from pulsometers, to enable users not only to track their fitness level, but also to detect abnormalities that could be linked to heart problems.

3) Clinical trials and certification. These represent a third major challenge, because if developers want to convert simple fitness trackers into high-quality medical devices, they will first need to have the devices certified.

The fact that the demand on wearables is growing year after year shows that such devices can truly facilitate and, in the case of heart trackers, save users' lives. Nevertheless, developers should not stand still. By trying to eliminate all possible cons and work to improve trackers' functionality, they can give individuals and doctors a chance to get ahead of heart-health conditions.

Yana Yelina is a website design and development expert at EffectiveSoft, a custom software-development company. Yelina interviews software developers and designers to share expertise in information technologies across an array of topics, such as health care, education, trading, logistics, e-commerce and social media. You can reach her via email at or

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