VMWare Partners With APX Labs to Support Workplace Wearables

Smart glasses seem to be gaining traction in the enterprise, aided by software enabling companies to quickly scale up from pilots to deployments.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor

Ryan Martin, a senior analyst at ABI Research, says the partnership is significant because it makes wearable technology scalable for an organization. "Until now, activating and managing the devices in a corporate network required a lot of heavy lifting," he states. "But with [Skylight's] integration with AirWatch, MDM-type functionality enters the wearables space—meaning companies can now execute large-scale deployments of wearables."

VMWare also announced on Tuesday that AirWatch will provide hardware support for smart glasses made by Atheer, ODG and Vuzix Corp.

APX Labs' Jay Kim
VMWare made its first foray into the Internet of Things last year when it announced Liota, an open-source software development kit designed to help developers create secure IoT data and control orchestration applications.

APX Labs has worked with Accenture in using Skylight to manage and deploy smart glasses for applications for Shell and Boeing. Skylight can also be run on Microsoft's Azure IoT platform and be used with the company's HoloLens AR software on smart glasses.

SAP also offers an augmented-reality application designed for service technicians, warehouse workers or others who work with their hands. SAP partnered with Vuzix to support SAP's AR app, and Bechtle, a European IT provider, uses the app for warehouse picking.

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