IoT News Roundup

MIT's mind-reading radio; Greenwave buys Predixion; Silicon Controls to link tanks, cylinders to Sigfox network; Aria Systems connects cars; GE rolling out new Industrial Internet platform.
By Claire Swedberg

Greenwave Buys Analytics Software Provider Predixion
IoT software and managed services company Greenwave Systems has acquired IoT analytics software provider Predixion Software. Greenwave intends to incorporate Predixion's RIOT analytics software into its own AXON Platform to provide advanced visual analytics for real-time data management.

AXON provides IoT networks for connected devices around the world. RIOT software will enable the AXON system to extract analytical data from embedded devices that sit on fixed-line or mobile networks. Users can employ the system to accomplish such tasks as fixing maintenance issues before they cause bigger problems, or relieving overworked devices by shifting resources, the companies predict. With the acquisition, Predixion's co-founder and CEO, Simon Arkell, will serve as Greenwave's general manager of software platforms and analytics.

Greenwave indicates that it will continue to make acquisitions with companies that will help it to expand its offerings and client base.

Silicon Controls' Sigfox-based System Monitors Tanks and Cylinders
Tank and cylinder monitoring devices maker Silicon Controls has teamed up with Sigfox and Thinxtra to create a remote monitoring system for more than 1 million Silicon Controls devices. The new system will allow oil and gas companies to wirelessly track the condition and level of contents in the tanks and cylinders, using built-in sensors and low-power connectivity, via the Sigfox network.

Oil and gas companies typically need to monitor the contents of tanks and cylinders manually, or by relying on wired monitoring systems. By integrating Sigfox radios into its products, Silicon Controls aims to offer automated, wireless tank and cylinder monitoring, thereby ensuring consistent fill-levels and reducing or eliminating the need for emergency deliveries. The automated monitoring could also reduce the need for maintenance.

Thinxtra, which operates Sigfox networks in Australia and New Zealand, will work with Silicon Controls to connect its monitoring equipment to a cloud-based server, via the Sigfox network.

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