These IoT Pros Will Keep Your Products and Service Secure

With the right, multifaceted security plans in place and people with key security skills to help construct them, businesses can successfully mitigate IoT security risks.
By Ryan Johnson

Internet security pros to lock down the transport of sensitive data
What about all the IoT data? When it's sensitive information, like financial or medical data, businesses need to implement sufficient authentication and secure communication channels between everything and the cloud. Even the most innocuous data can be dangerous, whether it's user credentials to gain access to a network, or information that adds a level of legitimacy to a phishing campaign.

The internet itself is considered an unsecured network, but the IoT leans heavily on it. Internet security skills jumped by 11 percent* recently. This field includes encryption, data-transfer protection, network security and browser security, which are important to safeguard the IoT's web-based interfaces.

Vulnerability assessment and security analysts to create holistic, preventative plans of attack
Before rushing an IoT project to market, every business should take a thorough approach to identifying potential security threats, assessing every angle of the IoT for vulnerabilities before a layered plan is created.

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Penetration testing of an IoT ecosystem—which involves deliberately probing networks for weaknesses—should be conducted prior to going to market. Once vulnerabilities are detected and ranked for risk level, any countermeasures for these attacks can also be tested for efficacy.

IoT security is no longer an afterthought, and the security analysis field has grown by 32 percent* to meet this demand. Vulnerability assessment has seen a 33 percent* jump, and these professionals are going to be key players in identifying potential IoT security problems and heading them off with "protect, detect, and react" security plans.

Closing the IoT security gap
It's time to close the security gap, because there's no slowing down where the IoT is concerned. With the right approach to security, businesses can successfully mitigate IoT security risks while also benefiting from the productivity, efficiencies, and unprecedented learning this industry can yield.

*Data is sourced from the Upwork database and is based on annual job growth—specifically, on the number of jobs posted on Upwork from October 2014 to December 2015.

Ryan Johnson is the categories director at Upwork, where he leads a team of category managers responsible for developing growth initiatives for the marketplace work categories, including information technology, sales and marketing, design and creative, and administrative and customer support. Johnson has held senior product-management positions at Upwork and other tech companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in decision sciences and management-information systems from George Mason University.

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