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Lux Research sees hot future for IoT in cold chains; Teradata announces new analytics tools for vertical applications; Chronicled creates blockchain chip registry for IoT consumer products; Juniper points to strong growth for embedded SIM applications.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor
Aug 26, 2016

Lux Research Bullish on Cold Supply Chains for Strong ROI
In a new report, Lux Research says that in certain applications, Internet of Things technology, which can link environmental-monitoring systems inside cargo containers to cellular or satellite systems for constant remote monitoring, beats out incumbent technology for monitoring perishables. The report, titled "Keeping It Fresh: Improving Cold Chain Outcomes with Sensor Platforms," finds that vaccines or other commodities with high loss rates represent the strongest business case for deploying IoT technologies in cold chain applications.

The report calls out specific use cases with a strong return on investment. For example, it says that in developed countries, typical loss rates of vaccines and biological reagents are 1 percent to 2 percent, but investments in sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and light levels, as well as the location of cargo in transit, show a payback for companies experiencing vaccines loss rates of anything more than 0.15 percent and biological reagents loss rates of 0.045 percent or higher.

It also notes that ice cream, counterintuitively, has a far higher loss rate related to the mismanagement of temperatures inside retail locations than during transit, for which loss rates of 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent do not always justify the cost of deploying IoT technology. The report cites one ice cream retailer that saw losses, linked to power outages and temperature variations due to frequently accessed refrigerators, that could reach $80,000 during a single month. It was able to mitigate those losses by investing in an $800 IoT solution that tracks not only temperature but the status of chiller doors and electrical power.

The full report is now available toLux Research clients.

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