IoT Hype Won't Carry Your Business—Simplicity Will

If you find yourself in a fervor to IoT-enable your products, you may be overwhelmed by complexity. But there are simple solutions.
By Sergey Lyubka

Predictive Maintenance and Monitoring
Consider a service engineer or technician who needs to monitor or access multiple devices simultaneously. The IoT can enable remote device access and power monitoring.

Real-Time and Server-Side Data Push
An embedded Web server library with built-in WebSocket functionality can act as a source of real-time data for external systems. For example, real-time data for graphs, event logs or alert notifications can be pushed from the server side via a persistent WebSocket connection. An embedded Web server without WebSocket functionality cannot perform this real-time task.

Considering what this could actually look like, see this dashboard example, created for a fictitious air-conditioning provider:

Click on the above chart to view a larger version.
Spot the elements that the solution should provide you with: secure sockets layer (SSL)/transport layer security (TLS) security standards, authentication and more.

Getting to the Action
The examples above walk through what an embedded Web server can achieve. Of course, getting to the action is often a lot faster with this solution than building an entire IoT infrastructure, thereby reducing development time and time to market. This is why considering an IoT-ready Web server makes sense.

To obtain more information regarding Web servers and determine which one can offer the right level of features (WebSocket support, RESTful services and so on), I recommend checking out this Wiki comparison page.

So, before diving into complex Internet of Things solutions headfirst, consider simplicity and embedded Web servers. It may make your IoT development a lot simpler!

Sergey Lyubka is the CTO and co-founder of Cesanta. He is the author of Mongoose (an embedded Web server) and Mongoose IoT Platform (a full-stack IoT solution). Together with his team, he aims to bring all devices online.

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