IoT News Roundup

IBM, Pfizer to enlist IoT in the fight against Parkinson's; BKON offering Eddystone beacon platform; HID's new digital ID platform; GCell's indoor solar-powered beacon; global consumer survey gauges trust in IoT; ZigBee Alliance gains retail group's endorsement.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor

Survey Uncovers Reticence About Using IoT
U.K.-based member-based trade group Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) and computer security services company AVG, have released the results of a survey that sought to analyze the impact of trust on the Internet of Things. The survey, conducted by On Device Research, a mobile market research company, polled more than 5,000 consumers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, France, Germany, China, India and South Africa.

In line with many other, similar recent surveys, privacy and data security ranked as the top two concerns with regard to IoT products and services. Globally, 62 percent of respondents said privacy was their chief concern about IoT technology, with privacy ranking as the second among 54 percent. But when segmenting respondents based on nationality, American and French consumers were the most likely to name privacy a concern (70 percent and 69 percent, respectively). Among women, 70 percent named privacy their top concern, whereas only 57 of male respondents did.

Among Chinese consumers who use mobile technology, 42 percent said that the use of IoT technology made them concerned for their physical well-being, while only 14 percent of German consumers expressed the same concern. When asked whether privacy concerns prevented them from doing more with their mobile phone, 73 percent of those who responded in the affirmative said that they were also wary about using IoT technology. MEF is sharing the survey results with its members to help them better understand the end-user mindset.

Retail Trade Groups Promoting ZigBee Alliance
The The ZigBee Alliance, an industry organization that sets communication and interoperability standards for IEEE 802.15.4-compliant wireless sensor networks, has signed a liaison agreement with the Global Market Development Center (GMDC), a general merchandise, health, beauty and wellness retail trade association with more than 600 members worldwide.

Based on the terms of the agreement, the GMDC will recommend the Alliance's ZigBee 3.0 standard to member companies. The ZigBee Alliance is promoting the use of ZigBee-based technology, such as electronic shelf labels, intelligent shopping carts and temperature sensor networks for food safety and tracking in retail settings. It also promotes the use of ZigBee-based sensors to track assets throughout the retail supply chain.

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