IoT News Roundup

IBM, Pfizer to enlist IoT in the fight against Parkinson's; BKON offering Eddystone beacon platform; HID's new digital ID platform; GCell's indoor solar-powered beacon; global consumer survey gauges trust in IoT; ZigBee Alliance gains retail group's endorsement.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor

BKON Offering Physical Web Development Kit
Last summer, Google announced Eddystone, an open-source Bluetooth beacon platform that enables a beacon to transmit a URL via Bluetooth that causes information related to that URL to appear in the receiving smartphone's Web browser. This direct-to-URL approach to interacting with connected devices is referred to as The Physical Web.

Apple's iBeacon platform does not offer this feature. Instead, a beacon that uses the platform transmits a unique ID and generally requires that a dedicated app (created for that deployment) be running on a smartphone in order to receive information related to the beacon ID. The advantage of employing a dedicated beacon-enabled app, however, is that a marketer can you use it to deliver customized messaging and deals tailored that each specific smartphone user, instead of getting generic information delivered from a URL using the Physical Web approach.

Beacon manufacturer BKON has introduced a software development kit (SDK) that bridges the two approaches. Designed to help marketers easily deploy a Physical Web experience for their customers via their customer-facing app, the SDK is built on, BKON's end-to-end Physical Web platform, and can be deployed on any Eddystone-URL-formatted beacon. Using the SDK, marketers can assign beacons a public URL for consumers who use Physical Web browsers such as Chrome, and also a private URL for consumers who use the marketer's app. Marketers, restaurants and retailers can manage these private URLs through the platform via a dashboard, schedule or application programming interface (API).

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