TrackerSense Assigns Eyes and Ears to Parcels

Offering single-use or reusable trackers, a U.K. startup has attracted several couriers and postal agencies during its first six months.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor
Apr 07, 2016

A few years ago, Wayne Soutter and his family were visiting London when every parent's biggest fear struck. "We stopped to look at a map," he recalls, "and when we looked up, my six-year-old little boy had disappeared." After 45 minutes of frantic searching, they were reunited in a train station a short walk from where they had lost track of him. The heart-wrenching experience set Soutter on a path that eventually led to TrackerSense, the company he launched late last year.

What began as a kernel of an idea—to develop a GPS tracker that parents could place inside children's clothing so that they could always be quickly found—evolved into a far more workaday product after Soutter found himself discussing it with a seatmate on an airplane, who worked for a courier service. She told him a tracker that could be placed in a parcel and relay both its location and condition, in real time, would be a boon for the logistics industry.

The tracker measures 2.4 inches by 6.3 inches by 0.50 inch.
Less than six months after launching TrackerSense, Soutter counts more than five courier services and two postal agencies among his customers.

The company offers two products, TrackerSense Lite and TrackerSense Ultra, available in two configurations based on an end user's particular needs. TrackerSense Lite is a battery-operated device containing both a GPS receiver and a cellular network modem. The TrackerSense Ultra also includes a sensor module that tracks light, motion, shock, temperature and pressure levels.

The Lite 1 and Ultra 1 models come with a non-rechargeable battery that has a guaranteed lifespan of two weeks (but may last for up to 22 days) and is meant to be used only once. The Lite 365 and Ultra 365 models contain a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 30 days on a single charge.

Soutter has partnered with Aeris, a provider of cellular-based machine-to-machine communication systems, to provide cellular subscription management services to his customers. The SIM card inside each TrackerSense device is programmed for either a short-term contact (in the case of the TrackerSense Lite 1 or Ultra 1 devices) or an ongoing contract (in the case of the Lite 365 or Ultra 365 models).

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