IOT News Roundup

IT pros worry about data privacy; Miracle-Gro releases app for Connected Yard; NFC Forum publishes new IoT-related specifications; companies show strong interest in location-based marketing; health-monitoring device usage expected to triple by 2020.
By Claire Swedberg

NFC Forum Announces Three New Technical Specifications

The NFC Forum, a nonprofit Near Field Communication (NFC) advocacy group, announced the publication of two adopted and one candidate specification this week, intended to make Internet of Things deployments more convenient and secure.

The candidate Specification 1.4 defines the structure and sequence of interactions that are used to allow electronic devices to communicate with one another using not only NFC but Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or a wireless local area network (WLAN). For instance, a user could tap an NFC phone next to a printer, and then transfer data via NFC, BLE or WLAN, depending on what the printer supports.

This functionality is supported by the new Verb Record Type Definition (RTD) 1.0 Technical Specification and the Device Information RTD 1.0 Technical Specification, published last year. Verb RTD 1.0 is a newly adopted technical specification used to encode generic and carrier-specific services—for example, triggering the printing of a picture or document via Bluetooth or WLAN.

Lastly, the NFC Logical Link Control Protocol (LLCP) 1.3 is a new adopted technical specification defining a protocol for communication between two NFC-enabled devices that require bi-directional communications. The specification adds a secure data-transport mechanism, with cryptography for encryption and message authentication to prevent eavesdropping.

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