Building a Better Mouse (or Raccoon, Skunk, You-Name-It) Trap With IoT

Remote monitoring systems have given pest-control agencies near-real-time visibility into the status of animal traps, reducing fuel and labor costs.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor

Tomahawk previously offered a remote monitoring service through a different technology partner whose sensors did not communicate wirelessly to their gateway, but rather required a wired connection. This meant technicians had a harder time setting up the traps, he r. Plus, the previous partner acted as the main customer-service contact for Tomahawk's customers, which made Smith feel out of the loop and unable to directly address any issues those customers might have had with remote monitoring system.

Now, Smith and his associates can help customers set up and maintain their remote monitoring system directly. "Within our cloud-based software, Greg can manage his own accounts. He can go in and set up a customer with the cellular service," says Gary Schmidt, OmniM2M's managing director. "This way, Tomahawk can go in and sell the service themselves and manage the workflow, and then OmniM2M provides support to Tomahawk if they need it."

Smith chimes in: "And we like that a lot."

In addition, a pest-control agency can use the OmniM2M software to send an electronic registration to local regulators that require reporting on each live trap deployed. Once the trap is collected and the live animal is removed from the premises and released, the technician can use the software to issue a final report to the regulator.

Smith says his customers' customers like the notion that a live trap with a monitoring system can ensure that animals caught in the trap will be attended to as soon as possible. "You can't imagine how upset [their] customers can get about trapping and [the potential] cruelty to animals," he adds.

New Frequency, a Georgia-based firm, sells live animal traps with remote monitoring capabilities, under the Trap-Alert brand, using wired sensors. New Jersey-based Trap Smart also sells a wired sensor solution.

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