IoT News Roundup

Ericsson announces new IoT-focused products; Sensoria updates sensor module, rolls out new features; Lux Research spotlights power-sipping sensors; ZigBee Alliance and Thread expand collaborations; new IoT chips from RFaxis; Gimbal and Couchbase enable cellular-free apps.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor

Report Says Sensor Makers Must Focus on Power Consumption

In a new report, market research firm Lux Research finds that sensor manufacturers will need to improve four key areas—power requirements, sensitivity, form factor and cost—of the products they produce, in order to meet projections for the Internet of Things market between now and 2020. Cisco, for example, forecasts that by the end of the decade, 50 billion connected devices, each containing multiple sensors, will be in use.

Tiffany Huang, a Lux Research associate and the lead author of the report "Identifying Key Sensor Innovations Solving Unmet Needs," says the four pathways to improving sensor performance will be to focus on the most power-efficient processor and communication protocols, to develop energy harvesting-techniques that reduce reliance on battery power, to improve sensor component integration or packaging in order to decrease the size of finished sensor modules, and to investigate new types of sensors beyond the capacitive sensors that are currently common.

The report calls out SureCore, Ineda and Ambiq Micro for best sensor power performance; Ineda and GainSpan for their achievements in decreasing power consumption when devices are not in active use; and Ambiq and PsiKick for cutting power use by operating on lower-than-normal voltages. It highlights Motion Engine, mCube, Amkor, Bosch and Standing Egg for making improvements in sensor packaging. And for innovations in sensor types, it points to Xarion, Vesper and Next Biometrics for their development of optical, piezoelectric and thermal sensor designs.

The report is available as part of the Lux Research Sensors Intelligence service. Contact Lux Research for pricing.

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