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Ericsson announces new IoT-focused products; Sensoria updates sensor module, rolls out new features; Lux Research spotlights power-sipping sensors; ZigBee Alliance and Thread expand collaborations; new IoT chips from RFaxis; Gimbal and Couchbase enable cellular-free apps.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor

Sensoria Announces New Sensor Product, Integration Kit

Sensoria, a maker of sensor-enabled socks, has announced a new, upgraded sensor module, an updated Web dashboard and mobile app, and a Sensoria Development Kit for third-party integration.

Sensoria's socks, its flagship product, use sensors integrated into the fabric to measure footfall pressure, such as striking down on the heel rather than landing on the ball of the foot, which may cause injury over time. Used with a MEMS sensor containing an accelerometer and a gyroscope module, integrated into an anklet form factor, it could also track a runner's cadence and speed.

The Sensoria Core replaces Sensoria's earlier anklet sensor unit. Like the earlier device, it transmits collected data to a user's smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. But the Sensoria Core is half the weight and size of the anklet, while providing approximately twice the battery life. It also includes onboard storage, enabling users to collect data without requiring that they carry their smartphone with them during their runs.

The Sensoria Web dashboard and smartphone app are designed to alert runners (either during their run as they carry their phones, or later via the dashboard) who tend to heel-strike, and to coach them toward landing more in the center of their feet. The recent upgrades to the app provide users who also wear Bluetooth-enabled heart-rate monitors to integrate their heart-rate data. Based on this, the app and dashboard provide personalized training advice based on a user's heart rate and heart rate variability. The updated Web dashboard also provides user trend analysis.

Sensoria's new developer kit enables third parties to integrate the Sensoria Core sensor and the software used to collect data from and manage the sensor into their own products.

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