IOT News Roundup

ETSI looks at MirrorLink; Thread Group certifies products; People Power's senior-monitoring system; Gooee gets new smart-lighting partners; Stanley Security's cloud-based video-verification service; Qube's Wi-Fi-and-Bluetooth-enabled light bulb.
By Claire Swedberg
Nov 27, 2015

ETSI Reviews Potential MirrorLink Adoption

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has agreed to explore the adoption of the MirrorLink standard—created by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)—as an ETSI technical specification (TS). The CCC and ETSI reached the accord on Nov. 17, at the ETSI General Assembly meeting in Sophia Antipolis.

MirrorLink provides connectivity between a smartphone and a vehicle's dashboard, displays icons to make apps easy to use and features technology enabling a user to know if a car is parked or in motion. MirrorLink technology is already in use for smartphone handsets and vehicles in Europe.

ETSI is leading a push to develop global standards for intelligent transport systems, including vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside assistance communication.

According to Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI's director-general, MirrorLink supports the organization's mission to remain on the forefront of future technologies and to improve life for the next generation of world citizens.

Thread Group Offers Product Certification Program

Thread Group has begun the first phase of its product-certification program for testing products that use the Thread platform. With the program, Thread products will be tested to confirm their behavior for commissioning, networking functionality, security and operation in Thread's network. Once they pass testing, they can bear the "built on Thread" or "Thread certified component" logos, which enable consumers to identify them more easily.

Thread is an IPv6 networking protocol built on open standards for low-power 802.15.4 mesh networks that can easily and securely connect hundreds of devices to each other and directly to the cloud. The non-profit Thread Group is focused on making Thread the foundation for the Internet of Things in the home, and on educating product developers and consumers regarding the unique features and benefits of Thread. Since opening its membership in October 2014, the Thread Group has quickly grown to include more than 220 members, including ARM, Big Ass Fans, Freescale Semiconductor, Nest Labs, OSRAM, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Silicon Labs, Somfy, Tyco and Yale Security.

Thread Group's certification program, in conjunction with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), provides rigorous testing for products that use Thread to help ensure that they work together right out of the box. To date, more than 30 products and components from Thread Group members have been submitted for certification, and Thread-certified software stacks from ARM, Freescale and Silicon Labs will be available this month.

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