IOT News Roundup

Device Solutions' LoRa system for end-to-end automation; ARM's embed IOT suite; Ericsson-Cisco partnership; Virtual Software Systems' cybersecurity solution; Ingenu's 30-city rollout; Juniper's smart-toy study; Proximus deploying LoRa in Belgium, Luxembourg.
By Claire Swedberg
Nov 13, 2015

Device Solutions Inc. Launches Cellio LoRa System for End-to-End Automation

Device Solutions Inc. is introducing Cellio LoRa, a long-range, low-power wireless network system for end-to-end automation and instrumentation in factories, farms, warehouses, transportation, agriculture and other sectors. Cellio can be used to wirelessly connect sensors and controllers that may already be in place. The collected data can then be quickly and easily accessed for dashboard views and back-end data systems.

The Cellio LoRa system features a family of wireless devices consisting of three configurable product options: transceivers, gateways and all-in-one devices. Each transceiver has up to 16 general-purpose input-output ports for connecting to sensors or controls. The transceivers use a 900 MHz LoRa radio to communicate with gateways. A gateway can employ CDMA or GSM cellular technology or a Wi-Fi Internet connection, and is able to serve a more than 3-square-mile area containing hundreds of transceivers.

Cellio all-in-one devices combine the functions and features of a gateway and a transceiver. Cellio LoRa cellular gateways also offer GPS capabilities for tracking the locations of stationary and mobile assets, such as vehicles, equipment or generators. Cellio enclosures are designed for environmentally demanding applications—for example, industrial, agricultural, farming, transportation and mining.

Depending on the installation configuration, the price can be based on an all-inclusive monthly service, an all-upfront hardware cost, or a combination of the upfront and monthly fees. Typically, each piece of Cellio hardware costs in the low $100s, while the monthly amounts can be less than $10 for each device monitored or controlled.

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