Nymi Puts Its Heart Into IoT Authentication

Using its proprietary heartbeat authentication system, Nymi is rolling out wristbands that serve as physical and logical access-control devices, and, in the future, may double as MasterCard payment cards.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor

Chance says the Nymi bands are also being tested for applications in which they would replace other employee-authenticating methods for providing logical access control for securing a corporate computer system. In fact, he says, it is likely that corporations looking to increase the security of their physical and logical access-control systems by issuing the bands to employees will likely begin deploying Nymi's technology sooner than consumers—beyond those who are participating in pilot projects—will begin using the bands to make MasterCard payments.

Earlier this month, Nymi and Entertech, a biometrics-based identity-management software provider, announced that they are partnering so that Nymi's ECG authentication devices can be used with Enertech's BioConnect software platform, which serves as middleware between biometric-based authentication devices and access-control systems.

Future Applications
Nymi has its sights set on hotels, fitness centers and a wide range of other types of facilities that rely on access-control systems as well.

The Nymi band contains an accelerometer that could be utilized to integrate gestures into proximity-based commands. For example, this video shows how the band could be used to open a car's truck or door, based on the user's hand gesture. That same person then uses his Nymi band and gesture at a hotel, to control a Netflix broadcast on his room's television.

Looking to encourage developers to think of new applications for the band, the startup also sells a software development kit (SDK) for the Android operating system. The SDK includes application programming interfaces, sample code, the Nymulator (a virtual simulator for the Nymi band, created for application testing), documentation and a Nymi band, and is priced at $149.

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