IoT News Roundup

Smart-city projects get leg-up from Obama Administration; standards body greenlights new cellular standard for Internet of Things; crowdfunding for IoT home-security device off to strong start.
By Mary Catherine O'Connor

CUJO Wants to Be Home IoT Guard Dog
A California IoT security startup called CUJO has raised nearly $120,000 in 11 days via an Indiegogo campaign, blowing past its $30,000 goal to raise sufficient funds to manufacture an IoT home-security device. The CUJO plugs into a home's Wi-Fi router via Ethernet and inspects inbound and outbound data, searching for malware, viruses, phishing attacks and other indications that hackers may be attempting to elicit data-sharing from IoT devices. These include security cameras and baby monitors, as well computers and smartphones, connected to the home's network.

The device will perform packet inspection locally, and will link to CUJO's cloud-based servers for updates regarding malware and phishing threats. The company will also offer homeowners an app, available for iOS or Android devices, through which it will alert them if it detects a security threat on their home network.

Through the campaign, the device is being offered for $49 with six free months of service, after which users will pay an $8.99 monthly or $89 annual subscription fee. According to CUJO, the subscription will ensure that users receive ongoing security updates via its cloud-based host. The company says CUJO is not meant to replace anti-virus software on home computers.

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